Dr Sascha Steinbiss

Senior Software Developer


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Sascha's current work within the Parasite Genomics team is focused on the development of new efficient software tools for automatic parasite genome annotation and curation.

After having worked as a software developer in the web based training industry for several years, I studied computer science and bioinformatics at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

In Prof. Stefan Kurtz's genome informatics group, I designed, implemented and extended software for de novo identification and annotation of LTR retrotransposons using index-based sequence analysis techniques. This resulted in an improved version of LTRharvest as well as the additional orthogonal tools LTRdigest and LTRsift which aim to provide a workflow for de novo identification and annotation of LTR retroelements. As a basis for these tools, I also worked on various methods and tools for efficient sequence storage and annotation handling, with a particular focus on software engineering to maximise efficiency and reusability of the implemented code in a free toolkit called GenomeTools.

I joined the parasite genomics group in December 2013 to work on automatic parasite genome annotation, particularly of trypanosomatids. For this task I use state of the art technologies for sequence analysis, workflow processing, and web development to deliver useful software tools to the parasitology community.

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