Dr Vikki Simpson

Head of Partnerships, Engagement & Growth

Vikki’s team builds and nurtures relationships with partners around the world seeking to implement genomic surveillance solutions. Having worked to build and support the Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Network (MalariaGEN) for more than a decade, Vikki is deeply connected to malaria research and global health.

About Vikki

Vikki started working with MalariaGEN in 2009 at the University of Oxford and in 2021, she transferred to the Wellcome Sanger Institute, where she joined the leadership team of the new Genomic Surveillance Unit.

Her team is responsible for community development, training, and communications. They also help the global MalariaGEN network navigate compliance, funding, public engagement, and community-building challenges.

With extensive experience building research networks that deliver positive public health outcomes, Vikki’s strategic input on stakeholder perspectives is invaluable to the process of product development.

Vikki is responsible for the Unit’s partnership strategy, which aims to attract and unite partners across malaria endemic countries. The Unit has active partnerships in more than 40 countries.