Mr Olivier Seret

Informatics Team Lead

I am the informatics team lead for the Parasites and Microbes programme. As a software developer, I am interested in software engineering and architecture. I am also passionate about developing teams and helping our scientists achieving their goals

About me

I am a Software Developer by profession with an interest in science and genomics in particular.  I love problem solving using technology and am passionate about software engineering, software architecture and agile approaches.

I am curious and like learning and trying new things.  As such, I thrive in an environment where autonomy and people development are a priority.

Finally, I believe we all spend a large amount of time at work.  It is therefore important to have a strong team spirit and most crucially have fun!

My background

I graduated in Computer Science in France in 1998 and then moved to the UK.  I worked for several top tier investment banks over the span of 20 years in different roles: Software Developer, Team Leader and Software Development Manager.

In 2019, I decided to change my career and move to a domain that has always fascinated me: Genomics.  I was offered a Software Development position within the Pathogen Informatics group (now called Parasites and Microbes informatics) at Sanger.

I took the role of leading of the Parasites and Microbes Informatics group in April 2022.