Niranjalee Rajaratne

Head of Agile Change Delivery

As the head of the Agile Delivery, I and my team support all major informatics and IT projects providing oversight and direction to a team with a range of skills in Agile Delivery, Project Management, Systems Analysis, Architecture and solutions design while ensuring effective Change Management and Process Improvements in everything we do.

I believe in driving a committed team and fostering an innovative and collaborative culture. I make sure that our strategic goals are met by ensuring day to day operational delivery. I also contribute to the strategic leadership of Informatics Digital Solutions and an active member for various Informatics, IT, and scientific operational governance boards.

One of the areas that I am very excited about my role is that I and my team train and guide my colleagues in Informatics and IT to use agile working methods to deliver the large and complex programmes of work that support the Sanger Institute’s ambitious research.

I enjoy the fact that no two days, or projects, are the same at the Sanger Institute and relish challenges that push me to continuously develop my knowledge. I believe that we work best when we take time to truly understand the needs and viewpoints of everyone involved in a project. Everyone is unique and brings valuable insights and experience that both benefit the work and my understanding too.

I am passionate about using establishing and maintaining a culture of quality at every stage of developing and producing the outsourced and bundled operational services my IDS colleagues deliver. Employing agile approaches help us to always keep the needs of our key stakeholders – Sanger Institute scientists and their national and international collaborators – at the forefront of our work. By working in close partnership with our scientists and fully understanding their needs, we are able to produce impactful solutions faster.

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