Dr Diego A. Peretti

Postdoctoral Fellow

Diego is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sanger Institute.

I am interested in understanding the genetic causes of neurodegeneration using single cell sequencing and CRISPR screening in different types cells.

I have recently joined Andrew Bassett group in a joint project with Florian Merkle (University of Cambridge) to design and developed phenotypic assays for neurodegenerative diseases in different hIPSC-derived cells, including neurons and astrocytes, to implement and develop strategies for single cell-seq and CRISPR mediated screens.

I obtained a MD and then graduated with a PhD in Biochemistry (University of Cordoba, Argentina) in the area of neurobiology studying the development of neuronal polarity. I have since then held three postdoctoral positions (Cornell University, Weizmann Institute of Science, MRC Toxicology Unit and University of Cambridge) in which I studied polarised membrane trafficking, lipid-transfer proteins in vesicular and non-vesicular trafficking and cold-induced structural synaptic plasticity in neurodegeneration in vitro cell types and in in vivo mouse models.

I first discovered the role of neuroprotective hypothermia induced proteins in different neurodegenerative models in vivo and their therapeutic potential.


My publications

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