The advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies is providing an unprecedented opportunity to explore the complexity of higher eukaryotes transcriptomes. 

My aim is to study the gene expression regulation mechanisms by analyzing high-throughput sequencing data.

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Such a special organelle

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#ImageOfTheWeek via @brianglancylab: Rendering of a single mitochondrion showing the outer and inner boundary membranes (green), cristae (magenta), matrix (yellow), and a nucleoid (blue). @nih_nhlbi

We found when NPCs turn post-mitotic, PTBP1 downregulation allows neural-specific splicing of conserved Bak1 microexon 5. Exon 5 inclusion induces nonsense-mediated mRNA decay and unproductive translation of Bak1 transcript. Loss of BAK1 proteins allows neurons to evade apoptosis