Dr Nicole Müller-Sienerth

Nicole has recently moved into the Bespoke Team within DNA Pipelines. She is looking after samples submitted by Faculty groups for sequencing library prep which cannot be handled within the standard pipeline provided by the high throughput teams. In her previous role she was responsible for several laboratory managing duties, including acting as local coordinator, supervising new starters, PhD students and contractors as well as ordering consumables and looking after equipment. Her scientific work within the lab was split between her own research project, identifying binding partners for extracellular proteins, and providing recombinant proteins for collaborators within the Sanger Institute and outside.

Staff Scientist

In my previous role as Gavin Wright’s lab manager I was responsible for the smooth running of the lab, including ordering consumables and equipment, initiating repairs, maintenance and servicing, performing local co-ordinator duties regarding Health and Safety, Permit to Work, Risk Assessments, New Starter Induction into CL2 and and their supervision. My projects involved cloning of soluble recombinant Fusion proteins, expression in mammalian cells and purification. I wanted to finding yet unknown binding partners to different types of extracellular proteins expressed on human platelets, the Malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum etc.

The aim of my previouse project in this lab was to generate a panel of recombinant monoclonal antibodies against a library of Zebrafish cell surface proteins. This involved the expression and purification of extracellular domains of Zebrafish proteins, immunisation and hybridoma fusion, screening and cloning of recombinant monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies were validated via ELISA and immunohistology and made publicly available as plasmids on Addgene.

Currently I am part of DNA Pipelines’ Bespoke team, responsible for making DNA and RNA samples into ready-to-sequence libraries via low throughput custom processes which generate sequencing data at the required quality.

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