Joshua Matthew

Product Manager

My role within the Parasites and Microbes programme is focused on driving maximum value for the software(s) developed by the IT team to enable scientific research. I achieve this by effectively working with and managing stakeholders' expectations, while seeking to address their pain points through viable software deliveries.

About Me

I am particularly thrilled to bring my wealth of experience into my role as a Product Manager in the PAM Informatics team, working on a Sample Tracking System (STS) and a genomics data sharing software (Monocle).
The opportunity to contribute to the improvement of healthcare on a global scale while working alongside world renown Scientists is a humbling privilege.

I have a background in Physics, and have gained valuable experience delivering services in Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Product Management.

Although not having a background in Biological sciences, I am able to translate the skills gained from working across the Financial, Agricultural and Telecommunications sectors, facilitating businesses growth and improving business processes.

Among other things, I am also able to leverage my skills in Python, SQL, R, Design thinking, Critical thinking, Product Management, and Entrepreneurship.

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