Dr Stephan Lorenz

Former Head of Single Cell Genomics Core Facility | Bespoke Sequencing Team Leader


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I am managing the Single Cell Genomics Core Facility, which provides a high-throughput single cell transcriptome, genome and methylome sequencing service to Sanger Faculty and their collaborators

In this role, I focus on two main areas. My main responsibility is to ensure a high quality, cost effective service with short turnaround times. To deliver on this objective, I aim to achieve a high degree of competency among my team. Together, we constantly refine processes and routines in order to increase efficiency and decrease cost. I also employ modern software solutions to help me and my team to deliver a vast amount of samples at a high quality.

My second responsibility is to drive the improvement of existing and the implementation of new protocols. I do this by watching the scientific field closely and working with our customers to identify new demands early on. Further, I work with a range of promising technology providers to make sure that we are always up-to-date with regards to the tools we use, as well as to develop novel instruments and tools in collaboration with these tech companies.

Before I started managing the SCGCF, I worked in the group of Prof. Thierry Voet, where I developed novel single cell genome sequencing approaches. Before joining his group, I worked on understanding the mutational signature endogenous hydrogen peroxide elicits during hormone synthesis in Leipzig. There I also acquired my PhD in Biochemistry for which I studied the role of calcium-binding proteins in the etiology of benign thyroid tumours.

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