Dr Fabio Liberante

Postdoctoral Fellow

Fabio is a postdoctoral fellow in the newly-founded Synthetic Genomics programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Fabio will provide expertise in genome engineering and help build better models to study genetic diseases, such as cancer. While Fabio will initially be sited within David Adams group at Sanger, the programme involves associate faculty from leading groups in Synthetic biology: Tom Ellis, Jason Chin, Patrick Cai and Kaihang Wang


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The Telomere-to-Telomere consortium is proud to announce our v1.0 release of a complete human genome. When @khmiga asked me to team up on this a few years ago, I wasn't sure it would be possible. Now down to just 5 gaps. What a journey! Read more here https://genomeinformatics.github.io/CHM13v1/

New paper in @NatureBiotech from Henry Kim's lab on high-throughput evaluation of prime editors using 54,836 pegRNAs in human cells, resulting in computational models that predict prime editing efficiency and general guidelines to maximize PE outcomes.

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