Dr Fabio Liberante

Postdoctoral Fellow

Fabio is a postdoctoral fellow in the newly-founded Synthetic Genomics programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. Fabio will provide expertise in genome engineering and help build better models to study genetic diseases, such as cancer. While Fabio will initially be sited within David Adams group at Sanger, the programme involves associate faculty from leading groups in Synthetic biology: Tom Ellis, Jason Chin, Patrick Cai and Kaihang Wang


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Thanks @4DNucleome for the intro. Our new tool (http://www.nucleome.org) enables interactive exploration of the 3D genome by integrating genomic data, microscopy image, and 3D structures. Massive amount of work by @nimezhu @zocean636, in collab w/ @belmont_andrew @jrswedlow.👇🏽1/6 https://twitter.com/4DNucleome/status/1277641679630000129


Nucleome Browser from @jmuiuc is a multimodal, interactive data visualization and exploration platform to integrate genomic, imaging, and 3D structure data.

🧬 The Sanger Institute was opened in 1992 to be a major contributor to the Human Genome Project.

#OTD 2000, the first draft was published, revolutionising biological research as we know it 🔬🧪🦠🧫