Bioinformatician working on the GPS project, helping to develop an internal pipeline to process data coming into the GPS project.

Previously, I did my PhD in the lab of Edmund Kunji at the MRC MBU, developing novel software to analyse transport proteins using a generalised framework of pseudosymmetry. I also provided bioinformatic support to other lab members and external collaborators.


  • Development of new modules for an internal GPS pipeline to analyse samples as they arrive.
    • Goal of greater efficiency and speed when constructing lineages
    • Creating a Nextflow module for annotation.
  • A GPSC card game based around the populat “Top Trumps”, to be used as an outreach and engagement activity.
    • Images and support from global GPS collaborators.
    • Scores taken from real data!
  • Comparison of methods for pneumococcal genome clustering
    • MLST vs cgMLST vs GPSC
  • Analysis of pneumococcal serotype 12F.
    • Population structure
    • AMR profiling
    • Spatio-temporal analysis



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