Austra Jenner-Parson

Impact And Evaluation Lead

Since the Sanger Institute’s contribution to the sequencing of the human genome and the novel scientific discoveries that followed, the scale of genomic research at the Institute has increased rapidly. Genomics is now central to exploration of biology and human disease in all its contexts and is contributing routinely to healthcare and other applications. My role is to evaluate the impact of the activities that take place across the Genome Research Ltd (GRL) and, using genomes and biodata, contribute to the understanding of the living world.

About me

The main focus of my work is on developing appropriate quantitative and qualitative metrics for demonstrating impact across the organisation. This involves working with people across both entities of the GRL, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Connecting Science, to refine the impact framework and develop measures for a number of activities including research, innovation, public engagement, training and education activities, policy and external relations, among others. I support the Director’s Office by providing evidence and case studies to support scientific strategy planning, external relations and the quinquennial funding review, and work with researchers in developing and carrying out impact plans.