Christopher Harrison

Senior Software Developer


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Chris is a software engineer within the Human Genetics Informatics team, working on open source software development and web technologies, as well as providing operational support for science teams. He has an integrated masters degree in mathematics and a masters in linguistics.

My research interests revolve mostly around formal logic and data representation, with an enthusiasm for programming language semantics — particularly functional programming — and its mathematical underpinnings. From a pragmatic perspective, I am involved in library/API development, general purpose software engineering and Internet infrastucture (mostly at the application layer). I write code largely in C, JavaScript, Python and Haskell and am a staunch advocate of the open source movement. Correspondingly, I strongly believe in open access and transparency in all walks of life, not limited to software and science.

In no particular order, I have worked on the following tools and projects (amongst other things):

  • 13amp: CRAM-to-BAM translation virtual filesystem
  • xiongxiong: Bearer token codec library
  • tbd: tarbomb disposal
  • hypr: Hypermedia systems for true RESTfulness
  • Cookie Monster: Sequencing data triage system

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