Luis González is a Sanger PhD student in the Bentley Group at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, researching the composition and functionality of respiratory microbiome


Luis was trained as a biologist at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia before receiving graduate training in Genomics at Wellcome Sanger Institute, where he gained insights into microbiome research using computational approaches. He has experience in genomic data, including data analysis and developing bioinformatic pipelines. He is interested in building resources for developing better treatments to tackle public health problems.

During his MPhil study at the Lawley group, Luis constructed the most extensive Bifidobacterium breve collection to date to understand its phylogenetic diversity and relationship with its host, looking forward to developing personalized probiotic treatments based on the patient’s background. Currently, in his PhD study in the Bentley Group, he is researching the composition, diversity, and functionality of the respiratory microbiome and how they play a role in the host’s health status.

Key Research Interest:

– Early-life assembly of the respiratory microbiomme

– Microbiome composition and functionality of respiratory microbiome

– Nanopore and Illumina technologies

– Antimicrobial resistance

– Mobile genetic elements


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