Dr Aleks Gontarczyk

Advanced Research Assistant

High Throughput Single Cell Sequencing Workflows

A degree in Genetics from the University of Sheffield has enabled Aleks to find a position in at Horizon Discovery, Cambridge, where he carried out gene editing for clients. He then moved on to do a PhD at the University of East Anglia under supervision of Dr Stephen Robinson, where he focused on angiogenesis in cancer. Aleks’ research group relocated to the Quadram Institute in Norwich at the end of his PhD, which he completed in 2019. He then expanded his scientific portfolio by investigating the gut microbiome and how it influences the vascular system (in the same group), as well as the gut-liver axis under supervision of Dr Naiara Beraza, also at the Quadram. During the pandemic, he moved to a Covid-19 diagnostic testing lab, which was set up to aid the Microbiology department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Aleks joined the Gene Editing R & D team at the Sanger in the summer of 2021 to setup, develop, test and evaluate new protocols for single cell ‘omics and CRISPR screening, including methods for targeted sequencing in single cell experiments.

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