Dr Luz Garcia-Alonso

Principal Bioinformatician

Garcia-Alonso's is coordinating data analysis along the different reproductive biology projects in the Vento team. Here, they use single cell genomics, spatial transcriptomics and imaging to better understand the physiology of the female reproductive tissues in health and disease.


Her research interests are focused on developing computational genomic tools to characterise complex phenotypes in reproductive biology and oncology. During her phD, she developed a series of tools to map genetic variation to protein signalling pathways to prioritise functional mutations in mendelian and oncologic diseases. Her postdoctoral research focused on modelling drug responses in cancer cells using transcriptomics data. There she developed Dorothea, a framework to estimate transcription factor activities from transcriptomic measurements. At the moment, she is focused on atlasing female reproductive organs with single cell transcriptomics, with the Human Cell Atlas initiative. So far, she has contributed to the identification of novel cell types in adult endometrium and developing gonads, with fundamental implications for diseases.

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