Elisabetta Galatola

Bioinformatics Support Engineer

Elisabetta joined the PaM Informatics team as a Bioinformatics Support Engineer in 2021, to support research activities of the Parasite and Microbes Programme.


Elisabetta is a bioinformatician/software developer with a background in Applied Bioinformatics and (Cellular and Molecular) Biology. She is involved in supporting research activities of the Parasites and Microbes programme by troubleshooting bioinformatics issues and contributing to the development of PaM Informatics projects.


Elisabetta joined the Monocle Team in 2022, to contribute to the development of a web application for monitoring and sharing genomic data.

Data Catalogue

Elisabetta joined the Monarch Team in 2023, to contribute to the development of a system responsible for tracking (externally sequenced) data imported into the Sanger system.

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