Dr Ana Daniela Ferreira

Postdoctoral Fellow

I characterise S. pneumoniae genome collections at the country/lineage level to infer biologic insights, enrich the project database with genomes from public databases and support external project partners.

GPS project

In my current role I study collections of Streptococcus pneumoniae genomes to infer key biological insights. By applying a broad range of data analysis tools on a large genomic datasets of S. pneumoniae. This analysis is performed as part of the GPS project that establishes a worldwide genomic surveillance network of S. pneumoniae to provide evidence for pneumococcal disease control and survey of the impact of vaccination on the pathogen population.

Phd project - BARNARDS

As a PhD student , my project was included in an international study, Burden of Antibiotic Resistance in Neonates from Developing Societies (BARNARDS).

My project aimed to further characterise  K. pneumoniae isolates from Pakistan and Ethiopia in relation to their population structure and phylogeny with focus on their resistome and virulome based on whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Using isolates from different source samples as mother and baby rectal samples and clinical environment samples in relation to isolates causing neonatal sepsis.