Mr Cameron Robert Ferguson

Research Assistant


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Research assistant working on the BIOSCAN UK and vector genomics projects

My research can be divided largely into two halves, the BIOSCAN projects and the work on vector genomics


  • One such project is the matrix project. The primary aim of the matrix project is to develop a high-throughput, non-destructive method to extract DNA from millions of malaise trap caught flying insects, for barcoding and long-read sequencing.
  • Another such project that I work on utilises mini-barcoding to elucidate interactions between insects their environments, diets and any microbial/parasitic interactions that may be occurring.
Vector genomics:
  • My research here focuses largely on single mosquito guts that were disected out 24 hours post blood feed. We are interested in identifying any differences in the microbial communities of the guts depending if the mosquitoes were fed directly on the skin or through a membrane.

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