Dr Lisa Dwane

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lisa joined the Translational Cancer Genomics team in September 2019, following completion of her PhD studies in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Lisa's research is focused on the identification of novel cancer drug combinations in cancer types with an unmet clinical need, such as KRAS-mutant colorectal and triple-negative breast cancers. This will be acheived using a next generation dual guide CRISPR/Cas9 system to idenitify novel genetic interactions across multiple cancer cell lines. 


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🧬 The Sanger Institute was opened in 1992 to be a major contributor to the Human Genome Project.

#OTD 2000, the first draft was published, revolutionising biological research as we know it 🔬🧪🦠🧫


The GDSC website (https://www.cancerrxgene.org/) has been upgraded with two new features to enhance your analysis. GDSC hosts differential drug sensitivity data across 1,000 human cancer cell lines for hundreds of anti-cancer drugs, together with genomic biomarkers of drug sensitivity.