Dr Physilia Chua

Postdoctoral Fellow


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

  • Completed mini-matrix project to determine BIOSCAN workflow
  • Contributed to the optimisation and scaling up of BIOSCAN
  • Developed and wrote gnome.py for QC of BIOSCAN PacBio outputs
  • Designed minibarcoding experiments to investigate symbiotic interactions


Postdoctoral fellow for the BIOSCAN UK flying insects project to document UK insect diversity and discover species interactions

I worked on three complementary components of the BIOSCAN project. To future proof collected insect specimens, our group uses non-destructive DNA extraction techniques coupled with third generation sequencing platforms to achieve our aims.

  1. Document insect diversity in the UK
  2. Investigate insect cobiont interactions including diet, microbiome, and parasites
  3. Adapt amplicon panels made for high-throughput sequencing platforms to portable low-cost sequencer



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