Dr Joseph Christopher

Academic Clinical Lecturer

Joe is an academic clinical lecturer specialising in Clinical Genetics and the somatic impact of germline variants, particularly in cancer predisposition syndromes.

Through application of multi-omic technologies to normal and malignant tissues from patients with known germline cancer predisposition, the mutational landscape and evolutionary history of cancer development in the context of germline predisposition can be elucidated. Through this understanding it will be possible to:

1) Identify key opportunities for screening through determining the critical evolutionary steps in carcinogenesis;

2) Improve diagnosis and variant interpretation through discovery of multi-omic signatures of germline cancer predisposition in normal and malignant tissues;

3) Improve treatment for patients with germline cancer predisposition through novel target and tumour vulnerability discovery;

4) Gain fundamental insights into the tissue specific features determining cancer onset and cancer protection with implications for prevention and early detection.

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