Dr Raquel Bartolomé - Casado

Visiting Scientist

Raquel is interested in studying the immune cells that are lodged in the human intestinal mucosa using single-cell technologies.

After obtaining her degree in Biotechnology at the University of Salamanca (Spain), Raquel worked at the Salamanca Cancer Research Center and completed her MSc studies. She then went on to do her PhD in Prof. Frode Jahnsen’s lab at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway. Her PhD work was focused on the longevity of the adaptive immune cell compartment in the human small intestine, demonstrating that the human gut contains very long-lived plasma cells and T cells.

Raquel joined the Teichmann lab in June 2021 to study the development and long-term maintenance of resident memory T cells in the human gut using single-cell multi-omics approaches.