Syd Barthorpe

Senior Scientific Manager

Syd manages the high-throughput laboratory operations within the Garnett Group. These include drug sensitivity and CRISPR screens using both cancer cell line and organoid models. In addition he has a lead role in the curation of the Cell Model Passports and its datasets.

Screening Lab

Compound Screening
Compound Screening

The Screening Lab within the Garnett Group maintains a cell bank of over 1000 cancer cell models. The team routinely cultures and screens both cell line and organoid models in 384 and 1536 microwell plate formats.

To deliver these at scale the lab utilises automated liquid handling platforms and sophisticated information management systems. Key systems:

                        • Labcyte Echo555
                        • Beckman BiomekFX
                        • Molecular Devices Paradigm
                        • Cytomat Incubators




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