Dr James Christopher Wright | Principal Bioinformatician

Wright, James Christopher

I have moved to the Institute of Cancer Research in London (October 2017)

My work is focussed on proteomic bioinformatics, developing new tools, pipelines and methods for quantitative proteomics data analysis, proteogenomic studies, and post translational modification discovery. This has included the continued development of MascotPercolator as a tool for improving spectral identification scoring in proteomics experiments, software to align, quantify and normalise HDMSe dataset for proteomic profiling of tissues, and tools to detect and validate unexpected modifications in proteomics datasets. I am also heavily involved in the development of workflows for proteogenomic data analysis for genome annotation.


  • Genomic Determinants of Protein Abundance Variation in Colorectal Cancer Cells.

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  • DecoyPyrat: Fast Non-redundant Hybrid Decoy Sequence Generation for Large Scale Proteomics.

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  • Improving GENCODE reference gene annotation using a high-stringency proteogenomics workflow.

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  • Interferon-driven alterations of the host's amino acid metabolism in the pathogenesis of typhoid fever.

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  • Expression Atlas update--an integrated database of gene and protein expression in humans, animals and plants.

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  • The OMSSAPercolator: an automated tool to validate OMSSA results.

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  • The PRoteomics IDEntification (PRIDE) Converter 2 framework: an improved suite of tools to facilitate data submission to the PRIDE database and the ProteomeXchange consortium.

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  • Enhanced peptide identification by electron transfer dissociation using an improved Mascot Percolator.

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  • Shotgun proteomics aids discovery of novel protein-coding genes, alternative splicing, and "resurrected" pseudogenes in the mouse genome.

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  • Recent developments in proteome informatics for mass spectrometry analysis.

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  • Exploiting proteomic data for genome annotation and gene model validation in Aspergillus niger.

    Wright JC, Sugden D, Francis-McIntyre S, Riba-Garcia I, Gaskell SJ et al.

    BMC genomics 2009;10;61

Career/Research Highlights

Wright, James Christopher
James's Timeline

Left Sanger and moved to ICR London


Joined Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Team at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


PhD Cross Species Proteomics - University of Liverpool and University of Manchester


MSc Physical Methods for Bioanalysis and Post Genomic Science - University of Manchester


EST Informatics - AstraZeneca


BSc Biological and Computational Science - UMIST