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This page is maintained as a historical record and is no longer being updated.

The Proteomic Mass Spectrometry team left the Sanger Institute in 2017. This page is being maintained as a historical record of the work of the group and is no longer being updated.

Until the group left the Sanger Institute in 2017, it was interested in solving questions about the biology underlying health and disease by studying molecular processes and pathways. To do this the team used a range of techniques including mass spectrometry, biochemistry, molecular biology and informatics, to study protein function, proteome composition and organisation.

The Proteomic mass spectrometry team complemented the research programmes of the Sanger Institute to further understanding of the relationship between the genome and the proteome (entire set of expressed proteins). Through its research and collaborations the group explored protein-protein interactions, cell signalling and protein expression in a range of human, pathogen and model organisms.

Our research portfolio encompassed all levels of proteome complexity: from whole organism characterisation to subcellular organelles, from protein complexes to post-translation modifications.

  • Proteome Characterisation and Quantification
  • Proteogenomics
  • Post-Translational Modifications
  • Protein Interactions

Technology and Instrumentation

We had a long-standing expertise in sample preparation, peptide and protein separation and purification technologies, mass spectrometry and proteomics data analysis. Our well-equipped laboratory featured a range of state-of-the-art high-resolution mass spectrometers that we combined with innovative tools and software to precisely identify and quantify proteins and their modifications in the proteome.

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Hendrik Weisser

Dr Hendrik Weisser

Senior Bioinformatician

The following were also members of this team:

Aidan WalkerNow PhD student in the Wellcome Trust DPhil Programme in Chromosomal and Developmental Biology at Oxford University
Ana Luisa Toribio
Daniel BodeNow in his final year of BSci degree in Biological Sciences at Dundee University
Enriqueta Casal
Evelyn HillnerNow doing an MSci placement at Cellzome, Heidelberg (Germany)
Francois DemaisNow PhD student at Cambridge University
Johan Harmse
Luana Maggiore
Mark Bushell
Mark CollinsNow Lecturer at the University of Sheffield
Markus BroschNow Head of Marketing & Business Development at Genedata
Nathan Skene
Netravathi Krishnappa
Nikki RoyleNow Protein Analytical Scientist at Crescendo Biologicals Ltd. (Cambridge)
Parthiban Vijayarangakannan
Paul Blakeley
Rachael CoyleNow Advanced Research Assistant in Julian Rayner's group
Ranjani Ganji
Rebecca OhraNow MSci student in Biochemistry (Immunology) at University of Aberdeen
Shan ChongNow PhD student at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Tannia GraciaNow Research Associate at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Thomas Bernwinkler
Ulrich Omasits
Xiao Xiao
Xinyi Zhu


We work with the following groups


Seth Grant, University of Edinburgh

We worked with Seth on the project "Defining the human synapse proteome", funded by the MRC


Gitta Stockinger, NIMR

We worked with Gita on the project "Physiological functions of the arylhydrocarbon receptor in innate and adaptive immune responses", funded by Wellcome Trust (WT-OOE)


Gad Frankel, Imperial College

We worked with Gad on the project "The ubiquitin ligase NleG type III secretion system effectors of E. coli O157", funded by the BBSRC



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