Dr Arthur M Talman | Postdoctoral Fellow

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Talman, Arthur M

My current research focuses on understanding the strategies and patterns observed during malaria sexual reproduction. Male and female parasites are picked up during mosquito feeding, mate in the blood meal and are responsible for malaria transmission. The aim of my research is to understand how distinct parasite populations interact during this process.

Throughout my studies I have been interested in host-pathogen interactions and mechanisms of malaria transmission. In particular, I participated in field studies of apicomplexan parasite transmission in rural Africa and Southeast Asia. For my PhD at Imperial College London, I investigated malaria sexual reproduction and transmission to Anopheline mosquitoes from a molecular perspective. I recently completed my post-doctoral training by conducting research into dissemination of bacterial and viral pathogens at the Yale School of Medicine’s Microbial Pathogenesis department. I joined Mara Lawniczak group in February 2015.


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Talman, Arthur M
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Postdoctoral Fellow, WTSI


Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant in Instruction, Yale School of Medicine


PhD, Imperial College London


Research Assistant, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge


Research Assistant, Institut Pasteur de Madagascar