Dr Claire Sayers | Postdoctoral Fellow

Sayers, Claire

Malaria parasites sexually reproduce in the mosquito vector, which is an essential lifecycle stage and vital for disease transmission. Blocking transmission will play a key role in malaria eradication, and I am designing genetic screens using the PlasmoGEM resource and single-cell RNA sequencing to investigate the mechanisms of malaria fertility.


  • A genetic screen in rodent malaria parasites identifies five new apicoplast putative membrane transporters, one of which is essential in human malaria parasites.

    Sayers CP, Mollard V, Buchanan HD, McFadden GI and Goodman CD

    Cellular microbiology 2018;20;1

  • Targeting of a Transporter to the Outer Apicoplast Membrane in the Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum.

    Lim L, Sayers CP, Goodman CD and McFadden GI

    PloS one 2016;11;7;e0159603

Sayers, Claire
Claire's Timeline

Joined the Billker Group in the Wellcome Sanger Institute Malaria Programme as a Postdoctoral Fellow

Completed PhD in the McFadden Laboratory in the University of Melbourne School of BioSciences