Neneh Sallah | Postdoctoral Fellow

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Sallah, Neneh

Neneh's research has mainly focused on investigating the influence of genetic variation on infection response traits in diverse populations.

She leverages genome sequencing technology and statistical methods to understand how both host and pathogen genomic variation underlies susceptibility to infection and influences potential disease outcome in oncogenic viral infections.

Neneh's PhD was jointly supervised by Dr. Inês Barroso and Prof. Paul Kellam. Her research focused on exploring the genetics of host-virus interactions in Kaposi’s Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus (KSHV) and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) infections in an African population cohort, including:

  • How variation in host genomes influences antibody responses to infection using whole genome sequencing and genome-wide association approaches.
  • Virus genomic diversity and variability using whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic approaches.


  • High genotypic diversity among rotavirus strains infecting Gambian children.

    Kwambana BA, Ikumapayi UN, Sallah N, Dione M, Jarju S et al.

    The Pediatric infectious disease journal 2014;33 Suppl 1;S69-75

  • Immunogenic Mycobacterium africanum strains associated with ongoing transmission in The Gambia.

    Gehre F, Antonio M, Otu JK, Sallah N, Secka O et al.

    Emerging infectious diseases 2013;19;10;1598-1604

  • Chrysomya putoria, a putative vector of diarrheal diseases.

    Lindsay SW, Lindsay TC, Duprez J, Hall MJ, Kwambana BA et al.

    PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2012;6;11;e1895

Sallah, Neneh
Neneh's Timeline

PhD Genomics, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute & University of Cambridge


BSc(Hons) Microbiology, University of Manchester, UK