Dr Gabriele Rinck | Project Manager

Rinck, Gabriele

Project Manager for the Prenatal Assessment of Genomes and Exomes (PAGE) study. The PAGE study analyses the genetic information of babies and parents where structural abnormalities were detected during pregnancy.

As a Project Manager I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the PAGE study, co-ordinating the different parts of the study to ensure that the project is progressing and running smoothly.

Experts from research centres, NHS fetal medicine units, diagnostic laboratories and a patient support charity are collaborating in our study, forming the PAGE consortium. This consortium consists of teams from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Great Ormond Street Hospital (London), Birmingham Women's Hospital, Ethox Centre (Oxford), the University of Birmingham, the University of Cambridge and the charity ARC (Antenatal Results and Choices). Here at the Sanger Institute we will analyse samples from 1000 families in order to gain a better understanding of genetic variants causing developmental problems during pregnancies. The ultimate aim is to improve prenatal diagnostics and parental counselling in the future.

Before joining the Sanger Institute I worked for over ten years in the diagnostic industry. Initially, my research in virology and antiviral drug resistance sparked my interest for personalised medicine, providing specific diagnostics which may allow more effective bespoke therapies for patients. My work involved projects in the area of pharmacogenetics, companion diagnostics, genetic testing and project management of analytical studies for clinical trials.


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Rinck, Gabriele
Gabriele's Timeline

Sanger Institute: Project Manager for the PAGE study


Lab21 Ltd, Cambridge: Head of Clinical Trials - managing analytical work for Clinical Trials.


Lab21 Ltd, Cambridge: Head of Molecular Diagnostics & Pharma Services


Lab21 Ltd, Cambridge: Head of Molecular Diagnostics Development


Lab21 Ltd, Cambridge: Senior Development Scientist - Diagnostics in the area of Virology, Genetics & Pharmacogenetics


Health Protection Agency, Colindale: Clinical Scientist - HIV Drug Resistance


Visible Genetics UK, Cambridge: Senior Scientist - HCV Diagnostics

University of Gießen, Germany: PhD in Virology / Molecular Biology


Virco UK, Cambridge: Senior Scientist - HCV Diagnostics