Felicity Payne | Former Staff Scientist at the Sanger Institute

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Payne, Felicity

I am principally involved in the analysis of whole exome sequence data, looking for variants potentially causative of severe insulin resistance and other metabolic disorders.


  • The UK10K project identifies rare variants in health and disease.

    UK10K Consortium, Walter K, Min JL, Huang J, Crooks L et al.

    Nature 2015;526;7571;82-90

  • Truncation of POC1A associated with short stature and extreme insulin resistance.

    Chen JH, Segni M, Payne F, Huang-Doran I, Sleigh A et al.

    Journal of molecular endocrinology 2015;55;2;147-58

  • Hypomorphism in human NSMCE2 linked to primordial dwarfism and insulin resistance.

    Payne F, Colnaghi R, Rocha N, Seth A, Harris J et al.

    The Journal of clinical investigation 2014;124;9;4028-38

  • Mutations disrupting the Kennedy phosphatidylcholine pathway in humans with congenital lipodystrophy and fatty liver disease.

    Payne F, Lim K, Girousse A, Brown RJ, Kory N et al.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2014;111;24;8901-6

  • Mosaic overgrowth with fibroadipose hyperplasia is caused by somatic activating mutations in PIK3CA.

    Lindhurst MJ, Parker VE, Payne F, Sapp JC, Rudge S et al.

    Nature genetics 2012;44;8;928-33

  • An activating mutation of AKT2 and human hypoglycemia.

    Hussain K, Challis B, Rocha N, Payne F, Minic M et al.

    Science (New York, N.Y.) 2011;334;6055;474

  • Interaction analysis of the CBLB and CTLA4 genes in type 1 diabetes.

    Payne F, Cooper JD, Walker NM, Lam AC, Smink LJ et al.

    Journal of leukocyte biology 2007;81;3;581-3

  • No evidence for association of the TATA-box binding protein glutamine repeat sequence or the flanking chromosome 6q27 region with type 1 diabetes.

    Payne F, Smyth DJ, Pask R, Cooper JD, Masters J et al.

    Biochemical and biophysical research communications 2005;331;2;435-41

  • Haplotype tag single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of the human orthologues of the rat type 1 diabetes genes Ian4 (Lyp/Iddm1) and Cblb.

    Payne F, Smyth DJ, Pask R, Barratt BJ, Cooper JD et al.

    Diabetes 2004;53;2;505-9

Payne, Felicity
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Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute - Metabolic Disease Group (Dr Inês Barroso)


Cambridge University - Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory (Prof John Todd)


BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry (University of Bristol)


The Technology Partnership plc. (Dr Anne Miller)