Laura O'Neill | Scientific Manager

O'Neill, Laura

Laura coordinates the reception, QC and sequencing of samples within the Cancer Faculty, supervising procedures and processes, to ensure a smooth and efficient progression of all its associated projects.


  • The patterns and dynamics of genomic instability in metastatic pancreatic cancer.

    Campbell PJ, Yachida S, Mudie LJ, Stephens PJ, Pleasance ED et al.

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  • Somatic structural rearrangements in genetically engineered mouse mammary tumors.

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  • Use of cancer-specific genomic rearrangements to quantify disease burden in plasma from patients with solid tumors.

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  • Massive genomic rearrangement acquired in a single catastrophic event during cancer development.

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    Cell 2011;144;1;27-40

  • Mutational processes molding the genomes of 21 breast cancers.

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  • Frequent mutation of the major cartilage collagen gene COL2A1 in chondrosarcoma.

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  • Recurrent PTPRB and PLCG1 mutations in angiosarcoma.

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  • Processed pseudogenes acquired somatically during cancer development.

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  • Subclonal diversification of primary breast cancer revealed by multiregion sequencing.

    Yates LR, Gerstung M, Knappskog S, Desmedt C, Gundem G et al.

    Nature medicine 2015;21;7;751-9

O\'Neill, Laura
Laura's Timeline

Scientific Manager, Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutations programme, Sanger Institute


Senior Research Assistant, Cancer Genome Project, Sanger Institute


Advanced Research Assistant, Cancer Genome Project, Sanger Institute


Research Assistant, Cancer Genome Project, Sanger Institute


BSc [Hons] Biochemistry, University of Birmingham