Dr Vladimir Kiselev | Cellular Genetics Informatics Team Leader

Kiselev, Vladimir Yu.

I am leading the Cellular Genetics Informatics team. Our team provides efficient access to cutting-edge analysis methods, environments and pipelines for Cellular Genetics programme, which leads and is involved in a number of world-class research initiatives including the Human Cell AtlasHuman Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Initiative and Human BioMolecular Atlas Program. We work with large amounts of single-cell RNA sequencing and microscopy imaging data. More information about our group is available in our Travel Guide.

Previous projects

scRNA-seq analysis course
Hemberg group scRNA-seq datasets
scmap - an R package for projection of scRNA-seq data
SC3 - an R package for clustering scRNA-Seq data


  • Challenges in unsupervised clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data.

    Kiselev VY, Andrews TS and Hemberg M

    Nature reviews. Genetics 2019;20;5;273-282

  • Predicting the mutations generated by repair of Cas9-induced double-strand breaks.

    Allen F, Crepaldi L, Alsinet C, Strong AJ, Kleshchevnikov V et al.

    Nature biotechnology 2018

  • scmap: projection of single-cell RNA-seq data across data sets.

    Kiselev VY, Yiu A and Hemberg M

    Nature methods 2018;15;5;359-362

  • SC3: consensus clustering of single-cell RNA-seq data.

    Kiselev VY, Kirschner K, Schaub MT, Andrews T, Yiu A et al.

    Nature methods 2017;14;5;483-486

  • PTEN Regulates PI(3,4)P2 Signaling Downstream of Class I PI3K.

    Malek M, Kielkowska A, Chessa T, Anderson KE, Barneda D et al.

    Molecular cell 2017;68;3;566-580.e10

  • Tia1 dependent regulation of mRNA subcellular location and translation controls p53 expression in B cells.

    Díaz-Muñoz MD, Kiselev VY, Le Novère N, Curk T, Ule J and Turner M

    Nature communications 2017;8;1;530

  • Proliferation Drives Aging-Related Functional Decline in a Subpopulation of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Compartment.

    Kirschner K, Chandra T, Kiselev V, Flores-Santa Cruz D, Macaulay IC et al.

    Cell reports 2017;19;8;1503-1511

  • Perturbations of PIP3 signalling trigger a global remodelling of mRNA landscape and reveal a transcriptional feedback loop.

    Kiselev VY, Juvin V, Malek M, Luscombe N, Hawkins P et al.

    Nucleic acids research 2015;43;20;9663-79

  • Lateral dynamics of charged lipids and peripheral proteins in spatially heterogeneous membranes: comparison of continuous and Monte Carlo approaches.

    Kiselev VY, Leda M, Lobanov AI, Marenduzzo D and Goryachev AB

    The Journal of chemical physics 2011;135;15;155103

  • Lateral dynamics of proteins with polybasic domain on anionic membranes: a dynamic Monte-Carlo study.

    Kiselev VY, Marenduzzo D and Goryachev AB

    Biophysical journal 2011;100;5;1261-70

Career/Research Highlights

Kiselev, Vladimir Yu.
Vladimir's Timeline

Senior Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute


Staff Scientist, Sanger Institute


PostDoc in statistical method development for scRNA-Seq data, Sanger Institute


PostDoc in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, European Bioinformatics Institute & Babraham Institute


PhD in Cell Biology, University of Edinburgh


MS in Applied Physics and Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


BS in Applied Physics and Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Physico-Technical Lyceum 1, Saratov, Russia


Gymnasium 4, Saratov, Russia


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