Nancy Holroyd | Helminth Sequencing Project Coordination

Holroyd, Nancy

I coordinate the helminth genome projects in Matt Berriman's Parasite Genomics group. Projects include producing de novo reference helminth genomes, the 50 Helminth Genomes Initiative and functional genomics studies.


  • The genomes of four tapeworm species reveal adaptations to parasitism.

    Tsai IJ, Zarowiecki M, Holroyd N, Garciarrubio A, Sánchez-Flores A et al.

    Nature 2013;496;7443;57-63

  • The genomic basis of parasitism in the Strongyloides clade of nematodes.

    Hunt VL, Tsai IJ, Coghlan A, Reid AJ, Holroyd N et al.

    Nature genetics 2016;48;3;299-307

  • The peculiar epidemiology of dracunculiasis in Chad.

    Eberhard ML, Ruiz-Tiben E, Hopkins DR, Farrell C, Toe F et al.

    The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene 2014;90;1;61-70

  • The genome of the sparganosis tapeworm Spirometra erinaceieuropaei isolated from the biopsy of a migrating brain lesion.

    Bennett HM, Mok HP, Gkrania-Klotsas E, Tsai IJ, Stanley EJ et al.

    Genome biology 2014;15;11;510

  • Whipworm genome and dual-species transcriptome analyses provide molecular insights into an intimate host-parasite interaction.

    Foth BJ, Tsai IJ, Reid AJ, Bancroft AJ, Nichol S et al.

    Nature genetics 2014;46;7;693-700

  • The genome and transcriptome of Haemonchus contortus, a key model parasite for drug and vaccine discovery.

    Laing R, Kikuchi T, Martinelli A, Tsai IJ, Beech RN et al.

    Genome biology 2013;14;8;R88

  • A systematically improved high quality genome and transcriptome of the human blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni.

    Protasio AV, Tsai IJ, Babbage A, Nichol S, Hunt M et al.

    PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2012;6;1;e1455

  • A deep sequencing approach to comparatively analyze the transcriptome of lifecycle stages of the filarial worm, Brugia malayi.

    Choi YJ, Ghedin E, Berriman M, McQuillan J, Holroyd N et al.

    PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2011;5;12;e1409

  • Producing parasitic helminth reference and draft genomes at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

    Holroyd N and Sanchez-Flores A

    Parasite immunology 2012;34;2-3;100-7

  • Summarizing specific profiles in Illumina sequencing from whole-genome amplified DNA.

    Tsai IJ, Hunt M, Holroyd N, Huckvale T, Berriman M and Kikuchi T

    DNA research : an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomes 2014;21;3;243-54

  • The genome and life-stage specific transcriptomes of Globodera pallida elucidate key aspects of plant parasitism by a cyst nematode.

    Cotton JA, Lilley CJ, Jones LM, Kikuchi T, Reid AJ et al.

    Genome biology 2014;15;3;R43

Holroyd, Nancy
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