Dr Ulrike Böhme | Plasmodium Curator

Böhme, Ulrike

Ulrike is currently working on the manual annotation and curation of Plasmodium reference genomes. Based on experimental data described in the scientific literature and user comments submitted by the malaria community the annotation is being continuously improved. The curated genomes can be viewed in GeneDB.


  • Complete avian malaria parasite genomes reveal features associated with lineage-specific evolution in birds and mammals.

    Böhme U, Otto TD, Cotton JA, Steinbiss S, Sanders M et al.

    Genome research 2018;28;4;547-560

  • Plasmodium malariae and P. ovale genomes provide insights into malaria parasite evolution.

    Rutledge GG, Böhme U, Sanders M, Reid AJ, Cotton JA et al.

    Nature 2017;542;7639;101-104

  • A comprehensive evaluation of rodent malaria parasite genomes and gene expression.

    Otto TD, Böhme U, Jackson AP, Hunt M, Franke-Fayard B et al.

    BMC biology 2014;12;86

  • Genome sequencing of chimpanzee malaria parasites reveals possible pathways of adaptation to human hosts.

    Otto TD, Rayner JC, Böhme U, Pain A, Spottiswoode N et al.

    Nature communications 2014;5;4754

  • GeneDB--an annotation database for pathogens.

    Logan-Klumpler FJ, De Silva N, Boehme U, Rogers MB, Velarde G et al.

    Nucleic acids research 2012;40;Database issue;D98-108

  • BamView: viewing mapped read alignment data in the context of the reference sequence.

    Carver T, Böhme U, Otto TD, Parkhill J and Berriman M

    Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2010;26;5;676-7

  • The genome of the simian and human malaria parasite Plasmodium knowlesi.

    Pain A, Böhme U, Berry AE, Mungall K, Finn RD et al.

    Nature 2008;455;7214;799-803

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