Exploring current opportunities in precision medicine

Exploring current opportunities in precision medicine

Commercialising Genomic Research 2018

Genomics and biodata present us with significant new opportunities, but how can we best realise their commercial value and maximise positive impact on healthcare?

Over the past decade, we have seen an acceleration in genomics research output and its application into biomedical technologies. Despite this, pathways towards commercialising early-stage genomics-based opportunities are not yet clear. In part, this is due to the fact that the regulatory environment, articulation of health economics and technological advances are only just beginning to emerge.

A Scientific Committee composed of Sanger, Repositive, Medicines Discovery Catapult, and Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences team created and hosted a unique two-day interactive workshop tailored to the needs and challenges faced by professionals involved in the translation of early-stage technologies.

Join our community on LinkedIn

The 2018 workshop marked the launch of a LinkedIn group dedicated to commercialising genomic research. We are keen to develop this group as an online platform for entrepreneurial academics, business development managers, technology transfer professionals, IP and legal experts interested in the translation of genomic research to enable drug discovery and precision medicine.

Benefits of being a member
  • A place where both business and research-led opportunity will grow
  • Free and direct access to like-minded professionals who share similar commercialising challenges
  • A platform for valuable problem solving - pick the brains of fellow professionals looking to exchange knowledge and share ideas
  • Gain immediate feedback related to problems, ideas, challenges and opportunities
  • Access to exclusive content including; discussions, slides and industry videos
  • Gain the valuable tools needed to progress ideas
  • Widen your network of influence
  • Become a member of a thought-leader group pushing the boundaries of a burgeoning field

This is a unique space that currently isn’t offered anywhere else, to gain access to materials from the workshop, as well as an opportunity to secure further collaborations and support and guidance.

If you would like an invitation for access to the group to join our burgeoning community please email us: translation@sanger.ac.uk

Who attended in 2018?

This workshop was developed for those with an interest in the translation of early-stage technologies; including entrepreneurs and professionals working in:

  • Business development
  • Investment
  • Innovation
  • Translational research
  • Technology transfer

Content of the 2018 workshop

Prominent entrepreneurs, investors, and genomics business development professionals lead the interactive workshop and participants brought their own commercialisation challenges for discussion with the rest of their peers. There was a mix of talks, discussions and hands-on group-work.

Bringing together around 40 individuals, to maximise learning opportunities, we discussed a range of topics at the forefront of current thinking and development of opportunities for precision medicine, for example:

Business models that are emerging to help generate value from genomics in the pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic spaces.

Where are the partnering opportunities for academia, SME, pharma and biotech along a drug R&D axis powered by genomics?

Exploration of the different commercial drivers for developing diagnostic, companion diagnostics and screening products.

• Navigation of the complexities of open source business software licenses for the benefit of innovation.

The current regulatory environment for developing genomic medicine products and how it affects commercial pathways.

• Discussion around the possible opportunities arising from technological advances such as AI, sequencing miniaturisation, mobile technologies or large population health genomic initiatives.

What did the delegates think?

The relevant and current program content, timing and everything was really well thought through and we got plenty of time to network and raise relevant questions. One of the best conferences I have attended in current time. Well done to the Program Committee.

2018 Workshop Delegate

I was personally very interested in how to commercialise genomics software. Both the technical aspects (patents, open source licenses) and the view from pharmas and VCs was very well covered…

2018 Workshop Delegate

All very practical tips provided and from real; life experience and current cases. To be able to receive all of that in one single event is quite remarkable.

2018 Workshop Delegate

The sessions opened my eyes to a lot of challenges. I realized people working in the Genomics need to work together more intimately to make the translation of research into practice happen.

2018 Workshop Delegate

Brilliant course, happy to join next time for an update on skills.

2018 Workshop Delegate

The course was really interactive and lots of time for discussions. I also liked the case studies.

2018 Workshop Delegate

The fact that [it] was a small group made the experience really enjoyable. There was a good time to interact with both keynotes and the members of the course. The course was really focused, relevant and really interactive. The opportunity for real case studies was great. Also, the diversity of the members’ background helped giving different perspectives to each seminar.

2018 Workshop Delegate

The range of speakers was very valuable -- lawyers, VCs, BD officers from some big companies.

2018 Workshop Delegate

The first of these courses was held in December 2016, click here to find out more.