Commercialising Genomic Research Course 2018

Commercialising Genomic Research Course 2018

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Genomics and biodata present us with significant new opportunities, but how can we best realise their commercial value and maximise positive impact on healthcare?

Our Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences team at the Wellcome Genome Campus has launched a new course called Translating and Commercialising Genomic Research to help equip professionals involved in translation of early stage technologies with a better understanding of specific opportunities that are open to them.

Who is this course for?

If you are a business development manager, analyst, technology transfer officer, genomes and biodata entrepreneur or an academic working or interested in the translation of early-stage technologies, this course is tailor-made for you.

What the course contains

This residential course is interactive and delivered by respected senior EU and US entrepreneurs, investors and professionals who are actively involved in the field right now. High-profile speakers use current case studies to explore business models emerging from the genomic revolution.

This course focuses on the specific knowledge required to translate and commercialise genomics research, such as:

  • Different types of IP
  • Open source software licenses
  • Use and sharing of human genetic data
  • Evolving regulatory environment for precision medicine diagnostics

What will you learn?

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan an exploitative strategy that considers the impact on future research and clinical adoption
  • Navigate the regulatory environment that frames the implementation of genomics tools and diagnostics in the clinic
  • Work within the 'culture landscape' of software licenses and innovation framework
  • Exploit a variety of business models around biodata, bioinformatics or genomic information

Save the Date: 1-3 October, 2018

This course is generously subsidised by the Wellcome Trust and places are always very limited.

A number of bursaries are available (up to 50% of the fee). Course registration opens soon, email us for updates.

Past courses and feedback

Really excellent programme. I hope you will run it again as would recommend it to colleagues here.

Course delegate

Thank you for organising the course. It was very well organised and I found it very useful and helpful.

Course delegate

Thank you very much to the organisers, generally great - keep the breaks, the more the better, good for networking, meetings, and mentally staying up with the pace.

Course delegate

I really enjoyed meeting the wide range of people on the course and thought the campus was magnificent.

Course delegate

Brilliant course, happy to join next time for an update on skills.

Course delegate

I really enjoyed the course and met wonderful people, so I think the networking element was the greatest strength and you should use this in the future to create a community of people working in the field of translational genomics.

Course delegate

The first of these courses was held in December 2016, click here to find out more.

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