Innovation and Industry

Innovation and Industry

How the Sanger Institute works with Industry

Our translation team was established in 2011 to help maximise the socioeconomic impact of the Sanger Institute's discoveries. Members of this team specialise in helping to translate science into products and services and the Institute’s research has already produced marketed technologies that have been realised into benefits for patients in a variety of settings.

The Team

Technology Transfer Team at the Sanger Institute

We seek open dialogue with potential research, clinical and commercial partners so that we can quickly identify areas of common interest and the most appropriate partnering models. Our collaborative work with partners enables us to:

  • Discover and develop information, platform technologies and early- and late-stage products
  • Facilitate further biomedical research through the creation and supply of genomic technologies and shared resources

What we offer to industry

  • Large-scale, high throughput, high-quality research.
  • Access to disruptive genome and biodata innovations developed on industrial scale platforms.
  • A diversity of partnership models across academia, industry and public sector organisations.
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in a focused field.
  • Strong culture of academic and commercial collaboration.
  • BioData Innovation Centre (BIC)- a world-class incubator for genome and biodata companies.
  • A growing, unique and highly-connected community of the sector's brightest minds and most innovative organisations.

To explore how we can work with you, contact us today.

We welcome the opportunity to develop new contacts with interested parties and continually explore how our research can deliver world-class therapies and technologies with commercial and academic partners. We pride ourselves on being flexible and imaginative in adapting our approach to deliver maximum output from every project or relationship.

Our partners

We welcome all enquiries from industry partners who can help us deliver our mission of translating the Institute's research into health benefits for society as a whole and look forward to hearing from you.

Events we are attending this year and beyond

Our partnerships

We have already partnered with a wide range of commercial organisations, large and small, ranging from investors and the biotech or pharmaceutical companies to reagents and service providers. See also: Open Targets and Partners

Sanger Institute's partnerships (updated January 2019)

Current opportunities for collaboration

Cancer Genomics
  • Collaboration: Opportunity to collaborate with the team behind the gold standard database of cancer somatic mutations, COSMIC, to develop new tools or datasets and influence the evolution of this key public resource.
  • Service: Opportunity for drug R&D to access the Sanger Institute's 1000 cell lines screen and to understand the genetic drivers and signatures associated with sensitivity and resistance to their compounds.
Stem Cells
  • IP: Novel reprogramming factors. Two new reprogramming factors, which, when co-expressed with the four Yamanaka ones, greatly improve speed and yield of reprogramming IPSC.
  • IP: Totipotent cell culture method. New mix of chemical factors which when added to culture media facilitate iPS cells production, culture and maintenance of stem cells with expanded differentiation potential.
Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Collaboration: Opportunity to collaborate and shape a novel ambitious initiative to establish a global pathogen surveillance centre.
Gene Editing and Functional Genomics
  • IP: High-throughput gene editing. Method to increase speed and efficiency of knocking out an individual gene in IPS cells allowing the production of series of KO cells for research and R&D.
  • Collaboration: Opportunity to collaborate with Sanger Institute scientists in using CRISPR technologies to perform focussed or genome-wide screens and discover novel gene/function relationships and potential new targets for therapeutic intervention.

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