Genomics England

Genomics England is a company wholly owned by the UK government, tasked with delivering genomic medicine in partnership with the NHS. GEL delivered the 100,000 genomes project, with a focus on whole genome sequencing of patients with rare diseases or cancer.

About the Sanger Institute's work with Genomics England

The GEL sequencing facility is situated on the Genome Campus. GEL partners with the Sanger Insitute on Research and Development, with a particular focus on new sequencing technologies and informatics. GEL is advancing scientific discoveries by consenting NHS patients for research and making these data available to the research community to drive improvements in genomic medicine. Genomics England is a key partner for the Human Genetics programme in delivering research insights in the genetic causes of developmental disorders.


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Sanger people

Photo of Professor Matthew Hurles, FMedSci, FRS

Professor Matthew Hurles, FMedSci, FRS

Head of Human Genetics and Senior Group Leader