TrackHub Generator

TrackHub Generator

TrackHub Generator


Through advances in instrumentation proteomic analysis generate huge amounts of data for a single sample. In a proteogenomic setting all sequenced peptides then need to be mapped to their respective genomic coordinates to be visualised in a genome browser. With the demands of high throughput and ever growing datasets genome browsers struggle to readily visualise files of this size containing this type of information. Track hubs are one solution to this problem by providing the data in a binary format through servers. Here we provide a perl-script to generate track hubs from the output of PoGo, a toll which maps peptides and post-translational modifications to their respective genomic coordinates.

Download and Installation

  1. Download the bedTobigBed program as binary from the utilities directory from UCSC
  2. Download the fetchChromSizes script from the utilities directory from UCSC and store it in the same folder as the bedTobigBed binary file
  3. Download the TrackHubGenerator from github

You will need to have perl 5.16.2 or higher installed to run this script. Perl can be downloaded here.

Learn and Support

The script will generate a folder with subfolders and files as required for a track hub. After successful exit of the script the resulting folder may be moved to an openly accessible server (ftp and http enabled) to be able to load the hub in online genome browsers such as the UCSC Genome Browser, the Ensembl Genome Browser and BioDalliance. For more information about track hubs and how to customize the generated hub further please refer to the UCSC TrachHub Infopage.

To run the TrackHubGenerator enter the following command prompt or unix shell:


Positional arguments:

Path to the folder containing the bedTobigBed binary and the fetchChromSizes script previously downloaded from UCSC

Path to location where track hub will be created ending with the name for the track hub
Assembly of the genome for which the track hub shall be used, e.g. hg38
Path to the folder containing all BED files which should be included in the track hub. Each BED file will result in a separate track
Path to the folder containing the bedTobigBed binary and the fetchChromSizes script previously downloaded from UCSC
Email address to be used as contact for people using the track hub
Test Examples

Test examples, requirement specifications and time estimations are available here.


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