Archive Page: PICNIC

Archive Page: PICNIC


Archive page. This resource is no longer available at the Sanger Institute.


PICNIC (Predicting Integral Copy Numbers In Cancer) is an algorithm designed to identify copy number segments and genotypes in cancer using a SNP6 'cel' file as input.

All PICNIC code has been made available under a BSD license and shall continue to be developed under this agreement. This code requires Matlab. To use the algorithm without Matlab, use picnic_gui_full. To just normalize a .CEL file, use picnic_gui_short.

PICNIC has now been updated to cater for primary tissues that contain normal contamination in addition to cell lines.

Download and Installation

picnic_gui_full README file
picnic_gui_short README file
PICNIC download Public domain ftp repository
picnic_gui_full download Public domain ftp repository
picnic_gui_short download Public domain ftp repository
figViewer README file
figViewer download (unix) Public domain ftp repository
figViewer download (windows) Public domain ftp repository
PICNIC_Primaries README file
PICNIC_Primaries Matlab Version (ftp download)
PICNIC_Primaries Matlab Version (ftp download)

License and Citation

CGP Software License

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Author: Cancer Genome Project,

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