Available at, COSMIC-3D provides interactive 3D visualisations of more than 8,000 human proteins displaying cancer mutations. It enables researchers to develop a clearer understanding of which mutations are implicated in cancer progression, and how these mutations impact molecular structure and function. This system has been developed in a collaboration between the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Astex Pharmaceuticals.

TP53 mutant hotspots around DNA 2.png

The image above shows the protein TP53 binding a molecule of DNA. The frequency of recurrent mutations is indicated by the colour intensity of the structure, yellow (low frequency of mutations) to red (high frequency of mutations). In this instance, the heatmap clearly illustrates that the mutations in TP53 are clustered around the DNA binding sites.

The video below illustrates the key features of COSMIC-3D.


Download and Installation

You can find COSMIC-3D at:


  • COSMIC-3D provides structural perspectives on cancer genetics for drug discovery.

    Jubb HC, Saini HK, Verdonk ML and Forbes SA

    Nature genetics 2018;50;9;1200-1202