Dr Elisa Viciani

Postdoctoral Fellow


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Elisa's work combines microbiology, molecular biology and cell biology to understand the complexity of intestinal communities as well as their genetic and metabolic potential.

Studying what constitutes a healthy gut microbiota, what it needs in order to survive, and what it produces in response to the host-stimuli provides important information about the role of gut microbes in intestinal homeostasis.

Elisa’s research is focused on the role of microbiota in host defence against opportunistic pathogens like Clostridium difficile and in intestinal chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease.

Her work is based on:

  • 16S rRNA community profiling and sequence-based metagenomic analysis of bacterial intestinal species in the human host
  • Study of gut microbiota carbohydrate utilization and by-products release in health, dysbiotic state or disease
  • Analysis of host cell inflammatory response to health- or disease-related intestinal commensal bacteria using in vitro and in vivo models of natural homeostatic or dysbiotic intestinal microbiota.

This research ultimately seeks to provide novel anti-microbials and bacteriotherapies in order to help the development of other therapeutic interventions to improve human health

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