Charlotte Tomlinson

Research Governance Officer

My role is to provide expert research governance support to researchers at all levels, ensuring the conduct of research is of the highest level of excellence and integrity. My current focus areas include the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care, Human Tissue Act, NHS REC and HRA requirements, etc., ensuring compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory standards, and local codes of conduct. I am also keen to promote efficiency and productivity via the Kaizen philosophy.

With a wealth of experience spanning several years, I bring invaluable expertise in delivering high-level governance support across clinical and non-clinical research. I specialise in facilitating adherence to pertinent legal, regulatory, and professional standards, alongside local guidelines, fostering an environment of compliance and integrity.

My role also extends beyond direct support; I actively contribute to the evolution and integration of policies and processes as regulations are updated, tailoring guidance to the nuanced requirements of diverse disciplines. Further I help facilitate transitions, supporting the assimilation of policy and procedural changes vital for robust research governance.

A cornerstone of my experience is my hands-on involvement in bench-to-bedside research, spanning from biological services units to research laboratories, culminating in adept management of clinical trials (both CTIMP and non-CTIMP). Additionally, my journey encompasses guiding researchers through the intricate landscape of UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 in relation to academic research.

I am motivated by a passion for learning, excellence, efficiency, and integrity, and I am committed to supporting Sanger scientists in their world-leading research.

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