Alex Tokolyi

PhD Student

Alex Tokolyi's research centres around innate & environmental impacts on transcript splicing between healthy individuals and those with sepsis, and the downstream consequence on plasma proteins & metabolites.


Currently in his final year of the 4-year Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine, Alex is interested in studying how humans differ in their immune responses to various pathogens, and the influence of different organisms and the microbiota on this response. He has previously undertaken research in both human and microbial genomics. In his first year of the programme, Alex did a rotation project with Emma Davenport, looking at transcript differences (such as splicing) in humans, and with Trevor Lawley looking at the phylogenomics of some of the first bacterial colonisers of the infant gut. He has now started his full PhD project in Emma Davenport’s lab, following on from his rotation project to relate human transcript changes in sepsis and infection, with linked medical health and outcome records, and associated molecular phenotype data.

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