Mr Mark Peter Thomson

Senior Digital and Print Content Editor

Mark produces the content for the Sanger Institute's website and print materials, including the Annual Highlights document. He works closely with members of the Institute at every level to help disseminate the stories of science and innovation happening on Campus.

About me

I am passionate about telling compelling stories in both the digital and print arena through eye-catching imagery, intuitive design, audience interaction and strong narratives.

Digital Publishing

In the digital realm, the adage ‘information is dead unless it is read’ is never more relevant and I work closely with the technical web team and my colleagues in the Communications team to amplify uptake through SEO, social media and traditional press. Also, I collaborate with designers and coders to create usability journeys that not only allow users to rapidly find what they need, but also create serendiptious opportunities to discover further helpful content and understand the ethos and goals of the Sanger Institute.

In addition, the power of digital content lies in delivering information that helps the reader to find the answers that they are searching for. For this reason, we allow all 1,000 people at the Institute to edit our website and showcase their science. I see it as a vital part of my role to enable and empower everyone to create content to highlight discoveries, share their software, data and enable new collaborations to be built. To achieve this I offer a range of support and have produced a range of training materials.

Print Publishing

In contrast to the immediacy and speed of digital publishing, I also enjoy building on the intimate, tactile relationship that print materials have with the reader and the space this affords to explore stories in a persuasive, nuanced and physical way. By design with imagery and words, I seek to help create reader journeys that convey the overarching ideas and ideals of the Institute.

My timeline