Dr Jessica A Thomas Thorpe

Janet Thornton Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a Janet Thornton Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Tree of Life Programme, investigating the genomics and phylogenomics of Isopoda (woodlice, sea-slaters and their relatives). 

My research uses phylogenetic analysis to understand both the evolutionary relationships and the timing of divergences across Isopoda. In particular, I am interested in the origins of terrestrialisation in isopods, as well as other evolutionary lifestyle and habitat transitions (such as parasitism or switching between marine and freshwater environments), and the genome evolution associated with these phenomena.

I am co-ordinating the collection and genome sequencing of all ~240 species of UK isopods for the Darwin Tree of Life Project. In addition, with collaborators from across the world, I am collecting and sequencing the genomes of representatives from each isopod suborder/super-family, to understand the timing and pattern of evolution across the order.

My timeline