Jon has a keen interest in the development of bioinformatic resources to interpret cancer genomic data and making the data publicly available for the benefit of the scientific research and healthcare communities and the pharmaceutical/biotech sector. He is Director of COSMIC, a database of highly curated somatic mutations implicated in human cancer.  

Jon has over 25 years’ experience in the field’s bioinformatics and genomics. He started work at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in 2000 where he set up the bioinformatics for the Cancer Genome Project. He was involved in the IT/Bioinformatics of the sequencing of the first two cancer whole genomes and the subsequent development of the algorithms and genomic analysis infrastructure to allow the scaling to thousands of samples. This led to a series of major scientific discoveries to include the identification of a number of cancer genes (to include BRAF, PBRM1, CALR, SF3B1, COL2A1, UTX) and several novel mutational processes (chromothripsis and kataegis).

He also has a keen interest in Learning & Development in the IT and Bioinformatics domains.

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