Dr Zbyslaw Sondka

Head of Science, COSMIC

My primary focus is the enhancement of the effective use of global data to understand the molecular background of cancer and utilise this knowledge for patient care by providing biologically and clinically relevant genomic information across all cancer types and the entire human genome through sustainable and accessible bioinformatic datasets and software.

Having had direct experience with the methodologies utilised in both wet and dry lab in cancer research, I am devoted to reducing the growing disparity between global capacity for producing large volumes of data and our ability to translate these data into clinically applicable knowledge. A significant aspect of this challenge is overcoming data fragmentation, the lack of representation of certain patient populations or disease types, and developing strategies for explainable and transparent interpretations of these data.

To address this problem, COSMIC identifies and extracts genomic data and metadata from cancer samples reported in scientific literature and bioinformatic resources, standardises and structures it, and makes it accessible to the scientific community. Additionally, COSMIC provides curated datasets that are tailored to assist in the interpretation of the biological impact of somatic mutations. Resources such as the Cancer Gene Census, Cancer Mutation Census, or Actionability serve as a platform for understanding the wider range of processes that lead to cancer and help provide methods for addressing molecular alterations in clinical practice.

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