Alison Simms

Senior Internal Communications Lead


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I left the Institute on 30th June 2020 after almost 7 years.

Focusing on internal communications, Alison's role was to support the Sanger Institute by developing and delivering engaging and influential communications and providing internal communications expertise across the Institute and Campus. Alison's work extended to implementing the Campus intranet, supporting the implementation of internal projects and change management; in addition to advising, supporting and influencing others to produce great communications.

My personal mission was to ensure that everyone here at the Institute, and at the Wellcome Genome Campus, knew what the Sanger Institute is about – what amazing ground-breaking research occured here, what incredible scientists and support teams we had; how we supported and developed all our staff, provided world-class seminars with distinguished and expert speakers, delivered bespoke training for incredibly specialist roles and have fabulous grounds and facilities. I wanted everyone here to feel as proud of working here as I did.
Through the various internal communication channels I managed, I aimed to encourage a sense of community, and to make it easy for people to collaborate; as who knows what incredible things we could achieve if we just got together and talk.

My role was Senior Internal Communications Lead which meant that I managed the intranet, coordinating, creating and supporting others to create, content, news articles, and general information for staff. From 2019 to 2020 I managed the implementation of the Campus intranet (and App), from writing the business case, tendering for an external supplier, developing the tool to fit our audience, and then delivering the new site during the pandemic in 2020.

In 2017 I introduced a number of digital display screens across the shared communal areas on the Campus. The aim was to highlight to our staff, Campus events, seminars, and talks, as well as celebrating the key successes of our people and teams. Working with an extremely gifted graphic designer, from our talented IT team, we created engaging and informative imagery that captures the attention quickly and effectively. Every year we subsequently created over 200 images.

I supported Senior Management and all the individual teams across the Institute and wider Campus, helping and advising them on their communication needs, especially regarding any project, event, or initiative, that they were organising. Whether it was World Malaria Day, an Equality-in-Science talk, or Distinguished Lecture Seminar, our Career’s day, celebrating awards given to our faculty and their teams, or sharing updates regarding the expansion of our Campus. This made for a rich, rewarding, and never dull life!

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