This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I serve the team, with an aim, to help them to produce high value software products through coaching/estabilishing Scrum Framework within the team.

In the past, I worked as a Senior/Software Engineer with additional roles like Team Lead and Module Lead at different times for 15 years . During these years I not only had the passion/experience for providing software solutions for domains of finance, insurance, e-commerce, academics & bioinformatics but also the passion/experience for improving/placing/executing the processes&frameworks involved in producing valuable software products. My interest in Scrum framework grew in last 3-4 years when I was working in EMBL-EBI as Senior Software Engineer and I got certified as Professional Scrum Master quite recently. I have actively been a Software Engineer in past, however, now I want to actively participate as a Scrum Framework Coach to produce highly valuable software products in harmonious way which can make this world a better, safer and comfortable place and Wellcome Sanger Institute has given me a opportunity for the same.

Major Recent Works, for which I was part of, as a Software Engineer : –

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